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FotoWrapper enables you to protect your valuable digital photos...

FotoWrapper enables you to protect your valuable digital photos from accidental editing and preserving the authenticity by encrypting them with password.

You can password-protect. BMP and. JPG photos using FotoWrapper. Once protected, each time you open the protected photo, a temporary copy of the photo is opened.

So you are always sure that the original photo remains intact. You can save the copy of the photo as. bmp or again password protect it. You can add a single line caption to describe the photo.

You can then view the list of these captions to search and select a photo for viewing. You can also select multiple photos at a time to password-protect them at a time.

FotoWrapper uses two different passwords, one for ownership of the photo and another for viewing the photo. You can declare unlimited number of owner profiles.

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FotoWrapper 1

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